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Ecommerce agency for marketplace sellers

Channel Bloom is a suite of software and services that make it easy for merchants to sell on ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon. The company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona with customers across the U.S. and Canada. Our services empower customers to sell successfully across a wide range of products including auto parts, powersports, snacks, electronics, gaming, apparel, housewares, and more. 

"Our Mission: Make it easy for merchants to sell their products on marketplaces."

-Ray, CEO & Founder of Channel Bloom

Our Story Begins in 2001.

Our roots began in the early 2000’s internet era when we started dabbling with ecommerce websites. it was a new frontier and over time we got good at building and operating ecommerce websites. Soon we began building sites for others, especially in the auto industry and with car dealerships. In 2014, the company Altos Digital was formed and went on to build hundreds of excommerce websites on all kinds of platforms like Big Commerce, Volusion, Shopify and Magento. 

As ecommerce evolved, Amazon rose to power as the #1 largest U.S. online shopping platform. Single websites operators saw new setbacks: mediocre sales and high costs with the dual combo of Amazon dominating ecommerce and Google ruling search with PPC ads for visibility. 

Channel Bloom Was Born

In 2015, we questioned why we (and our customers) were trying to compete against Amazon. Why not embrace? With new clarity, we abruptly shifted the company into marketplaces. We knew it wasn’t easy to sell on marketplaces, especially at scale. Especially for large sellers with thousands of items to sell multi-marketplace. There were lots of problems, er opportunities, to solve. We built solutions to help merchants sell easily across Amazon, Google, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, and more. To distinguish from the legacy website development business, the Channel Bloom brand was created for our marketplace services. 

Today, Channel Bloom offers a variety of services that sellers won’t find anywhere else – from turnkey to custom. We have a plethora of partnerships for data integration and we’re a certified Amazon service. 

Amazon Service Provider

We were inducted into the Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) as a result of the expertise, many years, and many services we offer to merchants on Amazon. It’s a testament to how much we embrace the platform, evolve with it, and work hard to make it successful for our customers. 

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