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Channel Bloom is an e-commerce agency that makes it easy for merchants to sell on marketplaces like Amazon, Google, Walmart, eBay, and more.

A Full-Service Agency For Marketplaces

Channel Bloom is a full-service agency that helps brands and merchants sell products on marketplaces like Amazon.  We offer expertise, software automation, algorithms, and best practices that can give you a serious advantage selling across marketplaces.

Our Story

Our roots began in the early 2000’s selling online with traditional ecommerce websites.  This was a new frontier for selling goods, and merchants wanted online storefronts.  Thus, we built hundreds of ecommerce websites for customers.

Then Amazon and other marketplaces emerged as powerful selling channels attracting millions of shoppers.  Our customers naturally wanted to expand there.

In 2016 we focused on building solutions to help our customers sell multi-channel, and easily add marketplaces as selling channels:  Amazon, Google, Walmart, eBay, etc.

Today Channel Bloom offers a variety of services that online sellers won’t find anywhere else — from turnkey to custom.  We also have rare expertise across different product categories, countries, and marketplaces.  We hope you find a service that you need, and give us a try!

Founder Ray Lucchesi (left) at Amazon in Seattle
Channel Bloom Team

Our Team

We are problem-solvers.  We listen carefully to the current problems or goals that customers communicate to us, and we offer hard hitting solutions.  We also watch industry trends, and adapt our solutions for the future. The variety of services in our lineup are a direct reflection of the problems that customers have voiced to us.  And we have new services under development.  We believe in simplifying online marketplaces for sellers by building tools and strategies that get results.


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