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New Amazon Seller FAQ

Below are answers to questions we hear frequently, especially from new sellers on Amazon.

Set-up and Launch Questions

How long does it take to set-up and launch?

Typically 2 to 3 weeks, which includes time for you to setup an Amazon seller account.

How is item pricing determined? How do I make a profit?

We start with the cost of every part, and we mark-up to cover all of the costs associated with selling on the marketplace. We have monthly cost data on genuine auto parts, so we can build an accurate cost stack for every part number and calculate a pricing level that makes money. Profit will vary by item, some are high profit some are low. But overall, we’ll try to target your desired profit.

Can I list my entire inventory?

Theoretically, yes. But at launch, we begin with items that Amazon already recognizes in it’s automotive catalog. From there, we can create new offers for items that don’t exist that you want to sell or have in inventory.

What are my responsibilities pre-launch?

Your main responsibility is setting up an Amazon seller account, if you don’t have one already. Then we’ll discuss things like your preference for products you want (or don’t want) to sell, shipping strategy, cost structure and mark-ups, pricing strategy, etc so we can configure the automated system. You’ll get to see and approve everything in your store before going live.

How do I handle things that I don’t want to sell?

This is part of our set-up process. We try to be meticulous about building quality listings from the start, so you don’t have product listings that will cause problems for you as a seller.

What shipping carriers can I use?

You can use whatever shipping carriers you want.

Financial Questions

What are Amazon’s fees for selling auto parts?

For a Professional seller account, there’s a monthly flat fee of $39.99 and a Referral Fee of 12% of total sale price on items sold.

What about fraud and chargebacks?

We see extremely low incidents of fraud and chargebacks across our customer base, less than 0.5% of sales. Amazon provides payment fraud protection that helps to eliminate fraudulent orders. You can learn more about Amazon chargebacks here.

How do I avoid excessive returns?

Amazon favors the shopper, not the merchant. So this is an important question and many novice sellers eat painful returns – even unfair ones. We have a range of strategies that help protect you from excessive returns. You’ll still get them occasionally, but our strategies typically keep them in the low single digits. And help you recover most of the cost, so you’re not completely out of pocket when they happen. Bottom line, we set you up so returns aren’t a major problem.

Post-Launch Operational Questions

Can I avoid selling on Amazon in my local geographic area?

Yes, we can geographically exclude your state or local area.

What are my responsibilities post-launch?

You’re you the merchant — you’re selling to the online shopper. So you have two main responsibilities:

  1. Communicate with shoppers (via Amazon’s backend admin area or smartphone app).
  2. Process orders and fulfill on-time.

How and where do I handle order processing?

Typically you’ll process orders in your Amazon Seller Central account. You can also integrate with fulfillment software like ShipStation and process orders there.

How do I expand my listings over time?

Channel Boost will automatically match your parts catalog with items that already exist in Amazon’s catalog. For any items that don’t already exist on Amazon that you want to sell, we can create new offers.

How do I know if I get an order?

When you get an order, you will be notified by email or text message. You can set up your notification preferences in your seller central account settings.

What if I can't handle the amount of orders I'm getting?

We can ramp your sales slowly or quickly and Amazon even has a vacation mode to pause your store if needed.

How do you pull my on-hand parts inventory?

We have a few different methods, depending upon what DMS you are using. We will work with you to establish the best way to get your inventory.

What if I already have products listed on my Amazon store?

No problem. You can keep and manage your existing listings and add more with our solution. Or replace your old listings with new ones that we setup and manage for you.

How are images and descriptions created for my listings?

If Amazon already recognizes the item in their catalog, there is an existing item image and description. If you would like to create new items on Amazon, then images and other product information must be set up. We offer services for this.

What kind of support can I expect?

Excellent. You’ll be assigned a Channel Bloom account manager upon signup as we custom-configure your listings and store settings. Ask lots of questions along the way, our experts want to understand your needs and help you be a successful seller on Amazon.

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