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Amazon Fulfillment By Merchant

We use DMS integrations to list your inventory on Amazon and keep prices updated.
You fulfill orders from your dealership.

You want to sell more parts.  But parts websites are expensive, time-consuming, and unprofitable. There’s a better way: Sell on Amazon!

With our automated services, your listings stay up to date.  No need to learn or use any software.  You get orders for parts and fulfill from your store.

Marketplace Listing Management Syncing

Service Highlights

Quality Listings

Inaccurate and incomplete listings can lead to many issues including low sales, high returns, unhappy customers, and poor metrics. We use a proprietary method to quickly match all your items to the best available Amazon listings (ASINs) to give you the greatest opportunity for success.

Marketplace Quality Listings | Channel Bloom
Marketplace Daily Stock & Inventory Update | Channel Bloom

Daily Stock and Price Updates

Costs, pricing, inventory levels, and lead times change daily. Our systems keep everything up to date and accurate. We work with many data sources simultaneously (your systems, your website(s), dropshippers, multi-warehouse, multi-marketplace) so you can focus on running your business.

Real Time Amazon Repricing

Maximize sales and profits at the same time by keeping the price high on lower competition items while being more aggressive on hot items. Never go under cost or under pricing policy (MSRP, MAP, etc.) with our automated price floor algorithms. We’ll work with you to configure your items and get your desired results.

Real Time Amazon Re-Pricing | Channel Bloom

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“Great organization. Took our online sales to the next level.”

John Talentino

“Great company to work with. The process went exactly how they described it in the “sales” call, which is all we expect. We where very impressed with Joe’s communication and responsiveness. Overall very good experience and we will be using for ongoing work.”

M. Lutes

“Excellent value and service!”

jj big


$400 setup.  $400 per month or 1% of sales, whichever is greater.  6 month term.  

Let’s Talk Amazon FBA

For an informal chat, call (480) 881-0546  or fill out the form.  Quickly determine if this service can help you begin selling or boost your current sales on marketplaces..

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