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A Powersports Dealer’s Guide to Selling Parts on Amazon and eBay

With Automation, It's Easy To Sell Powersports Parts & Accessories On Marketplaces

Stop waiting, it’s time to sell!

A staggering amount of powersports parts, garments, and accessories (PG&A) are sold on Amazon and eBay. This is particularly true for popular brands like Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Can-Am, Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and accessories like Fox. As far as selling channels, Amazon marketplace is extraordinary with over 200 million Prime members!

So, if selling powersports parts and accessories on Amazon is so lucrative, why do so few dealers do it? Let’s break it down.


Bar chart of Amazon sales powered by Channel Bloom

How Much Can I Sell?

We often get this question, and the answer is typically, “it depends.” Many variables affect sales, including the number of brands a dealership carries, the specific brands, the level of software automation used, and the seller’s engagement level.  Profits are good since many items sell at or above MAP.  But sales vary.  A lot.

A dealership with six great brands might see low sales of sub $10,000 per month if it’s not actively engaged. Conversely, a store with just one great brand could sell over $100,000 per month with active engagement.  To avoid being vague, here are some ranges to help illustrate how much revenue you might see in this category. On the low end, $20,000 per month per brand is common with our dealer customers who have average engagement.   On the high end, dealers who engage vigorously can sell $100,000+ per brand per month.  Combine multiple good brands, and $500,000+ per month is feasible. We usually challenge our customers to “tell us how big you want to be.”


The Benefits

Selling powersports parts on marketplaces offer numerous benefits:

  • New Revenue and Profit Opportunities:  There’s a whole universe of selling channels, programs, and strategies to extend powersports parts and accessory sales beyond the local customer and the typical parts webstore.
  • Nationwide Exposure of inventory to shoppers across the U.S.
  • Smoothing of Seasonal Demand: For instance, a dealer in Minnesota can sell watercraft year-round to states like California, Texas, and Florida.  Demand for your products doesn’t have to be limited to the seasons in your region.
  • Opportunistic Sales: Easily turn inventory on items already in your stock.
  • Recoup Money from Aging and Obsolete Inventory:  Every dealership has it, but few leverage Amazon or eBay to recover money that’s tied up in old inventory. (Related article)


The Main Issues

During the pandemic years, the biggest obstacle for dealers to sell parts on marketplaces was supply constraints.  Specifically, supply chain disruptions made it difficult to replenish parts inventory or even know when restocking orders would arrive.  There was a complete lack of supply visibility which made it impossible to have accurate order lead-times. While supply is more predictable today, another issue persists: manpower. Many dealerships have limited or inexperienced staff for selling online, preventing them from taking on new projects, even lucrative ones.

DIY selling is another common issue.  Dealers who try to save money by handling an Amazon seller account or eBay store in-house often are not successful. While buying on Amazon is seamless, selling, especially with thousands of SKUs, can be challenging. Keeping prices and quantities updated while staying compliant with brand and marketplace policies is nearly impossible manually and at scale.


The Solution

For powersports dealers to successfully sell parts and accessories on Amazon or eBay, an automated solution is needed.  It must be easy to operate with a staff that is sometimes short-handed or has limited experience. Fortunately, there are automated solutions for powersports, power product, farm implement, and marine dealers to sell parts and accessories effectively. The key components include:

  • Listing Systems: These can accurately model the dealer’s unique needs, such as markups, matrix pricing, MAP compliance, seasonality, item exclusions, brand policies, and restrictions. Harley-Davidson, for example, is popular online but has extensive selling restrictions with the manufacturer.  So special modeling is needed on that brand vs. the other brands the store may carry. These variations stack up and become impossible to maintain manually.  But with a listing system, intricate models can be configured to optimize and automate selling.
  • Experience: Each online marketplace has unique policies, fees, best practices, selling strategies, and other nuances crucial for high sales and profits.  Experience is crucial to navigate these variables and minimize seller missteps.
  • DMS Integrations: Electronic extraction of product information, inventory quantities, and prices can be pushed into the Amazon seller account automatically.  Channel Bloom has partnerships with major DMS companies and automates data transmission.

A Vendor With Powersports Expertise

For over 10 years, we’ve been helping dealerships sell parts and accessories online. If you’re interested in selling powersports parts online, at scale, and with automation, consider our full-service solutions. Contact us to learn more.

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