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Thinking about selling car parts on Amazon?  Here are some astonishing statistics about Amazon that will shatter your traditional selling channels.

63% of US online shoppers begin their product search on

Incredibly, Amazon has become the premiere search engine for product search, far surpassed Google as the starting point for product search by U.S. shoppers.

Over 70% of all car parts sold in the US are sold on Amazon and eBay.

That’s a staggering figure!  And when you consider Amazon’s blistering growth rate and relative newness in auto parts, the opportunity is too big to ignore.

Amazon receives 214 million unique monthly visitors.

As Amazon’s auto parts catalog continues to grow, these visitors present a huge opportunity for merchants selling car parts and accessories.

51% of US households have an Amazon Prime subscription.

You have a captive audience with over half of America returning regularly to Amazon to shop and make the most of their Prime subscription.  They’ll be on Amazon to buy, will you be there to sell?

Auto parts sales online continue to grow at a rate of 30% per year.

Online is where the growth is occurring every year for auto parts.  Meanwhile, sales of auto parts at bricks-and-mortar retail stores is anemic at low single digit growth rates.  Growth is online, and overwhelmingly so on Amazon.
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