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The store (aka the “Seller Account”) belongs to you. You set it up directly with Amazon.  We can guide you on store setup.  It’s easy and takes about 7 minutes.  Once you have it, you grant limited permissions for us to access and provide our services into it. If we part ways, you can completely disable our access.

You can name the store anything as long as it’s compliant with Amazon’s policies and it’s not taken.  Some of our customers use their actual business name and others use a different name to sell on their Amazon storefront.

There are two primary fees for sellers.  You’ll want a professional selling plan which is  $39.99 per month flat fee – whether you sell anything or not.  Then, on each item sold, Amazon collects a ‘referral fee’ which is a percent of the sale price.  Percent varies by product category.  Automotive and powersports, for example, have a 12% referral fee.  The referral fee includes Amazon’s payment processing, so the whole fee structure is relatively low cost and low risk for the incredible visibility and sales opportunity on the platform.  You can check Amazon’s referral fee for your category here:

Contact us via email or phone for any Amazon support needs.  We’re Amazon experts solely based in the U.S. and can almost always help you solve issues quickly!  If Amazon needs to be involved, we often handle it directly with them on your behalf – so you’re not lost and spending time with policies, help pages, and call centers.

Amazon deposits funds to sellers every 2 weeks into the bank account associated with the store.  We’re not involved in the money for items our customers sell on Amazon’s platform.  But we can help if you have any questions.

Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM)

Amazon “Fulfillment by Merchant” (FBM) is a program where sellers offer products for sale on their Amazon store, but manage all product storage, shipping of orders, and customer support themselves.  In other words, you as the merchant handle fulfillment in-house.  

No. Our service matches your inventory to the product listings that already exist on Amazon.  You may have items in inventory that don’t exist on Amazon.  If you would like to have additional listings created, we offer services to create product pages on Amazon.  Please contact us if you’re interested in this service.  Contact Us

This is one of the big values of our service.  Pricing thousands of items accurately without a system is difficult or infeasible.   We use proprietary systems that model the prices for all of your items.  Our intricate models comprehend all the costs associated with selling on the platform – such as cost of the item, shipping, seller fees, overhead, etc. to make sure costs are covered and sales are profitable.  If a manufacturer has pricing policies such as MAP (Minimum Advertised Price), we will model these for each SKU to achieve compliance.  We can also model your obsolete or aging inventory at lower price points to sell it and recover your money.  If you want even more customization, we can model just about anything you can think of!

No.  While Amazon is very shopper-friendly with returns, we implement strategies and years of know-how with our customers to make sure they’re covered financially.   As a result, our customers typically experience very fair returns and don’t incur monetary losses on returns that are common with average sellers.

Yes, we usually filter out any items you don’t want to sell.  Examples include oversize items, glass, hazardous items, restricted items, specific inventory bins, low dollar items.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service where sellers send their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers for storage, packaging, shipping, customer service, and returns. With FBA, sellers can benefit from Amazon’s widespread logistics network and gain additional visibility among millions of Prime shoppers through the coveted “Prime” badge.

Done correctly, utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can be highly profitable. However, if not approached carefully, it can result in financial losses. The common concern about paying Amazon for fulfillment services may seem valid initially, but there are many less apparent factors that outweigh these costs and contribute to profitability. As part of our service, we analyze the profitability of each SKU, factoring in all fulfillment fees, before you send in any items. We guide you through the FBA process, assist in selecting items suitable for shipment to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, provide upfront profitability models, and help you sell with confidence.

Amazon will provide ship-to location(s) based optimally on various factors such as where they see demand for your items. 

You decide.  Amazon may request specific quantities based on the supply and demand they see for your items, but we’ll work with you to determine how much initial inventory makes sense.  We usually target a quantity that sells-through within 30 days or less.  We’ll recommend items, quantities, and can guide on your initial shipping plans and ongoing replenishment.  

This typically doesn’t happen with customers who use our service and follow our guidance.  But if it were to occur, Amazon can ship items back to you for a nominal fee per item. 

We typically try to establish a 30-day replenishment cycle.  So once per month, you’ll order in and bulk ship to Amazon’s warehouse.  Sell-through of fast moving items may replenish a few times per month.

Within your Amazon Seller Central Account, there is complete transparency with your inventory at Amazon’s distribution center.  You can see real-time your on-hand quantities in your store, and any orders that consume your inventory.  

Amazon Sponsored Ads are a form of advertising on the Amazon platform that allows sellers to promote their products to a larger audience. These ads are designed to increase the visibility of products and drive more traffic to product listings on Amazon.  The way the ads are displayed can be subtle, but if you’ve shopped on you’ve undoubtedly seen or even clicked on products that were elevated and displayed as ads.

Amazon Sponsored Ads charge advertisers based on a cost-per-click (CPC) model. Advertisers set a maximum bid for each click, and they are charged when a user clicks on their ad, and only if they are the featured seller of that product. Advertisers also set a daily budget to control their overall spending.

Our clients have seen as high as 30x Return on Ad Spend! That said, ad performance can vary based on factors such as product type, profit margins, advertising budget, and targeted products. Success is not guaranteed, and sellers should approach campaigns with a clear strategy, monitor performance metrics, and be willing to make data-driven adjustments over time. Testing, iterating, and optimizing on different approaches can contribute to favorable ROI.

Customers use our ad management services to drive higher sales, higher profits, and save time by not managing ad campaigns in-house.  Ultimately they want more orders, without having to hassle with daily ad management on the platform.    

Amazon FBA Reimbursments

An Amazon FBA inventory audit refers to the process of reviewing and verifying the accuracy of a seller’s inventory that’s stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. A thorough audit can reveal inventory discrepancies that Amazon will reimburse to the seller via the reimbursement claim process. Amazon FBA inventory audits by the seller or a 3rd party (like us) are a good ongoing practice.

In any warehouse operation or fulfillment center, product can go missing or get damaged.  These issues happen normally and are not unique to Amazon. While Amazon has very robust systems in place to manage inventory, errors and issues can still occur. 

We have a proprietary method for conducting Amazon FBA Audits that uses automation to find legitimate claims. This uniquely enables us to audit ultra-high volume of transactions for FBA sellers and obtain reimbursements fast.  We’re also highly skilled at writing and submitting claims that get approved for full reimbursement.

Absolutely not, in our experience.
  • We’ve never had a client get suspended due to claims we’ve filed.
  • Amazon has qualified us under the Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN).
  • Our audit and claims practices are backed by years of experience and expertise.
  • For free, we’ll provide our un-suspension service if you get suspended using our claims service. You’d be the first ever!
We take the utmost care with your account.

Old losses become ineligible for filing claims and obtaining reimbursement. So it’s important to file claims immediately on your oldest losses.  Don’t wait, it’s your money to reclaim or lose.

You pay nothing upfront to get started.  We do the work first, and you ONLY pay for claims that we submitted on your behalf that Amazon has approved for reimbursement to you.  We charge a 20% commission on approved reimbursements.  If we find nothing or our claims don’t get approved by Amazon, then you pay nothing.

You only pay us on claims we’ve submitted on your behalf that Amazon has approved for reimbursement to you.  We itemize the approved claims in a detailed report and include it with our invoice.  When you sign up we ask for a credit card on file and we bill our fee after we’ve sent the invoice to you.  You can also pay the invoice directly with debit/credit card or ACH.  We incur the credit card processing fee and use large U.S. payment gateway providers for secure and reliable processing.

Almost nothing is required of you.  We need about 10 minutes of your time to grant account access to us and provide a payment method.  Then we get to work while keeping you updated. At certain points in our audit process, we may need to obtain original proof-of-ownership documents. If this is needed, we will notify you.

We’ll need view and edit access to the relevant categories in your Amazon Seller Central Account. We know that any access is sensitive, and we understand the trust you place with us. Our in-house personnel exercise high standards of confidentiality and professionalism for each of the many hundreds of Amazon Seller Accounts we’ve been entrusted to access.

Any reimbursements Amazon approves can be reviewed within the fulfillment reports in your Amazon Seller Central backoffice.

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