Amazon FBA Audit & Reimbursement

Our experts find the money you’re owed and get you reimbursed without punishment from Amazon.

✓ You don’t pay until we get you money!

✓ Fast and friendly resolution by Amazon!

✓ Amazon provider, safe and fully compliant!

Amazon SPN Certified

FBA inventory not adding up?

When you ship product into Amazon’s distribution centers via the FBA program, your items get lost, damaged, and destroyed. Losses occur as packages are handled by shipping carriers, warehouse personnel, and online shoppers.  It’s common in any fulfillment center, including Amazon’s.  Sometimes they catch the problem and automatically reimburse you.  But often they don’t. And many sellers forgo reimbursement of their money from Amazon.  That’s where we come in.  We’ll get your money back quickly and amicably!

Examples of FBA Losses:

  • Inaccurate Reimbursement
  • Over Refunding Orders
  • Errors with Returned Items
  • Damaged Shipments
  • Warehouse Loss
  • Missing Order Reimbursements
  • Item Destruction

Best-In-Class Solution

Amazon Suspension Appeal Re-Submissions | Channel Bloom

Our U.S. based experts audit your Amazon FBA inventory transactions to identify discrepancies in your favor. They prepare and submit well-written claims to Amazon on your behalf.  Typically after just a few days, Amazon approves them and — bam — you get reimbursed directly from Amazon.

We’re certified under Amazon’s Service Provider Network (SPN), so you can rest assured that your store is safe with us!

If you’re questioning the accuracy of your FBA inventory, give us a call to discuss your situation or just sign up. Don’t wait, old claims expire and you’ll be out money.

Pay us NOTHING unless we get you reimbursed.

How It Works


Sign Up

Easy online sign up to get started.  No up-front fees.  We do the work first, and bill only if claims are approved by Amazon for reimbursement to you.


Invite Us

Add us as a sub-user to your Seller Central account so we can open cases on your behalf.  It’s quick.  We’ll provide instructions during online sign up.


We Find & Claim

We audit the past 18 months of transactions and identify discrepancies. Then we manually file claims with Amazon on your behalf.


You Get Paid

Upon claim approval, Amazon will reimburse your account within 2-3 days – sometimes even instantly!

Trusted By Hundreds Of Merchants Like You

“Great organization. Took our online sales to the next level.”

John Talentino

“Great company to work with. The process went exactly how they described it in the “sales” call, which is all we expect. We where very impressed with Joe’s communication and responsiveness. Overall very good experience and we will be using for ongoing work.”

M. Lutes

“Excellent value and service!”

jj big

The Channel Bloom Difference

No Up Front Costs

You don’t pay a penny for our services unless reimbursement claims are approved by Amazon and we get you money!

A USA Company

Our entire team is based in the United States.

Dedicated Case Manager

No DIY software here. You’ll have a reimbursements expert assigned to your account — they’re real humans that pick up the phone.

Approved By Amazon

We’re an Amazon-approved service provider so you can trust your account is in good hands!

✓ You don’t pay until you get reimbursed!


Can my account get suspended if I use your service?

Absolutely not, is our experience.

  • We’ve never had a client get suspended due to claims we’ve filed.
  • Amazon has qualified us under the Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN).
  • Our audit and claims practices are backed by years of experience and expertise.
  • For free, we’ll provide our un-suspension service if you get suspended using our claims service. You’d be the first ever!

We take the utmost care with your account.

What account access do you need?

We’ll need view and edit access to the relevant categories in your Amazon Seller Central Account. We know that any access is sensitive, and we understand the trust you place with us. Our in house personnel exercise high standards of confidentiality and professionalism for each of the many hundreds of Amazon Seller Accounts we’ve been entrusted to access.

How will I be billed?

You only pay us on claims we’ve submitted on your behalf that Amazon has approved for reimbursement to you.  We itemize the approved claims in a detailed report and include it with our invoice.  When you sign up we ask for a credit card on file and we bill our fee after we’ve sent the invoice to you.  You can also pay the invoice directly with debit/credit card or ACH.  We incur the credit card processing fee and use large U.S. payment gateway providers for secure and reliable processing.

What is your fee structure?

You pay nothing up front to get started.  We do the work first, and you ONLY pay for claims that we submitted on your behalf that Amazon has approved for reimbursement to you.  We charge a 20% commission on approved reimbursements.  If we find nothing or our claims don’t get approved by Amazon, then you pay nothing.

I'm super busy, what do you need from me?

Almost nothing is required of you.  We need about 10 minutes of your time to grant account access to us and provide a payment method.  Then we get to work while keeping you updated.

What is the urgency to act now?

Old losses become ineligible for filing claims and obtaining reimbursement. So it’s important to file claims immediately on your oldest losses.  Don’t wait, it’s your money to reclaim or lose.

What can you do that I can’t?

We have a proprietary method that uses automation to find legitimate claims. This uniquely enables us to accommodate ultra high volume transactions and obtain your reimbursements fast.