FBA Inventory Audit & Reimbursement Claims

Get your money back with our service that discovers Amazon FBA inventory discrepancies and files refund claims on your behalf.

Does Amazon Owe You Money?

When you send inventory into Amazon’s distribution centers via their FBA program, your product can occasionally be mishandled causing unforeseen financial losses.

Examples of FBA Losses:

Inaccurate Reimbursement
Over Refunding Orders
Errors with Returned Items
Damaged Shipments
Warehouse Loss
Missing Order Reimbursements
Item Destruction

Marketplace Listing Management Syncing

Estimate Your Reimbursement

You have a rolling 18 months to file claims.
Don’t let your claims expire!

Our Solution

Amazon Suspension Appeal Re-Submissions | Channel Bloom

We analyze your Amazon FBA inventory and transactions to identify discrepancies. Then we prepare and file claims to recover your losses. If you do high volume FBA sales, annual audits might make sense for you.

If your questioning the accuracy of your Amazon FBA inventory give us a call to discuss your situation.

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Our Process


Inventory Audit

We audit your transactions for up to prior 18 months and identify discrepancies.


Review Report

We produce a report of discrepancies and review it with you.


Make Claims

Based on findings we will create claims with Amazon to recover any losses.


Recover Money

Amazon corrects the discrepancy or funds your account.

Risk-Free Pricing

You only pay us on claims that are approved for reimbursement by Amazon.

Our standard fee is 20%. May vary based on claim volume.